Ripped-off Movie Posters

Looks like Hollywood needs new film poster designers. Rip-off or homage?

Anatomy of a Murder (1979, Preminger) vs. Clockers (1995, Spike Lee)


Stylized dismembered body? Check!

Colour red? Check!

Okay, let’s add some bullet holes and call it an homage to the brilliant Saul Bass? Check!


Casablanca (1942, Curtiz) vs. The Good German (2006, Soderbergh)

casablancagood german

B/w? Check!

Current movie hunk? Check!

Fedora? Hoo-yah!

Similar font? Check!

Okay, let’s add some red colour and make it totally unique!


Scarface (1983, De Palma) vs. Confessions of a Dangerous Mind (2002, Soderbergh, again)


B/w? Check!

Divided by half? Check!

Add dashes of red? Check!

Add gun? But, of course!


Basic Instinct
(1992, Paul Verhoeven) vs. Betrayed (2005, Landsburg)


B/w oldschool so add a lil blue? Check!

Red is eye catching? Check!

Lascivious hand on shoulder? Check!

Sultry look? Oh yeah!

Surely, no one will notice!


The Breakfast Club (1985, Hughes) vs. American Teen (2008, Burstein)


Just… fuck it! Use different font, no one will notice.


True Blood (TV, 2008, Alan Ball) vs. Jennifer’s Body (2009, Kusama)


Lips? Check!

Blood? Check!

Red? Hell yes.

Surely, the nose is diff, so no one will see it.


The Bourne Identity (2002, Liman)  vs. 88 Minutes (2007, Avnet)


Lead in heroic pose? Check!

Gun in right hand? Oh yeah!

Gun sights? Never done before!

Shit, looks too close to another one? Make Pacino look to the right not left? Check!


~ by idreamedmovies on October 12, 2009.

2 Responses to “Ripped-off Movie Posters”

  1. american teen, the good german and possibly clockers are all quite obvious homages in my opinion.

    they basic instinct vs betrayed look so similar it possible that it was an homage as well, as for the others, i guess that’s hollywood just being unoriginal

  2. idreamedmovies +100
    hollywood posters -100

    im hopeing they are all homege

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