Berlinale 2010

It’s that time of the year again and despite standing in line for hours to score tickets, always worth it.
On my schedule this year are a Chinese remake of the Coens’ “Blood Simple”, BANKSY’s docu about street artists (and himself) – review here – Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll, an Ian Dury bio pic, an Australian Western, a Russian film about loneliness, The Deer Hunter and A Bout de Souffle in the Retrospective,  and, and, and… those being the ones I managed to get ticks for so far.

But as always, the mix of excitement, the need to brag about being a bigger film buff than the person next to you that you overhear from somehwere behind you (“Restauration is okay, but that anamorphic distortion around the edges is REALLY distracting.”), and journos nodding off in front of you is unparalleled.

That and the brilliant idea to screen the world premiere of the restored “Metropolis” on a huge screen in front of the Brandenburg Gate (which was so worth it, despite below freezing temperatues).

Thank god it’s only one week a year. Wish it were 52 weeks a year…


~ by idreamedmovies on February 15, 2010.

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