Hollywood’s Lonely Place

Screenwriting Cultures since the 1920s


From the JFK-I:

“In terms of its ideological and cultural influence, ‘Hollywood’ is arguably the world’s most influential global industry. As that industry has rhetorically positioned itself as only ‘entertainment’, so, since the 1920s, the work of its writers have been cast by producers as marginalised features of its industrial process.However, the recent Hollywood writer’s strike of 2008 confounded this assumption, highlighting as it did how the multi-billion dollar enterprise still relies on a sequential pipeline that starts with a pen, pencil, keyboard and Union affiliation.This course is a timely opportunity, therefore, to centre stage the screenwriting process – from the 1920s to the present. At its core, participant’s three short essays and shared round table deliveries will focus on developing skills in media literacy by way of analysing the interpretative process from script to screen, and via a critical engagement with the work of case study writers and changing working practices – from film and television to contemporary New Digital Media.In addition, one aim of in-course review and feedback on such essays is to develop and enhance student’s own written skills in precision, drafting and editing.Our work overall will build upon student’s interests in American culture, politics, and history and can lead to a 20-page Research Paper.”


Scripts online


And of course

Mr McKee


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