We the Media


We the Media – “Framing Reality” is an MA seminar by Dr. Alan Taylor I am taking this semester. You can find more info about it here.


Research Paper geared towards a media/film conference audience and abstract of that paper.


picture by Alan Taylor

Seminar movies:

Network (1976)

Broadcast News (1987)

Up Close and Personal (1996) – up-close-impressions.pdf

Deep Impact (1998 )

EDtv (1999)

The Truman Show (1998 )

The Insider (1999) – the-insider-impressions.pdf

Reasearch Paper


CSI Las Vegas and the “CSI Effect”

Transforming Audiences, University of Westminster
– focus on audiences and identities/new perspectives on media influences


CSI Las Vegas and the “CSI Effect”

– influence as manifested in changed juror expectations in regards to physical evidence
– science vs science fiction – 30 second DNA results (aka when writers take a short-cut)
– science as saviour post 9/11 and why is this show so popular (with a bit of voyerism for free)
Fade In: EXT. LAS VEGAS SKYLINE – NIGHT: from Sin City to Disneyland
– special focus on fake news segments within episodes using the real-life news anchor of CBS Las Vegas
check: Paula Francis on imdb (!!)

Useful links:

– one of the first articles on the CSI effect in USA Today

– where I heard it first: National Geographic News


sequence analysis:

CSI Las Vegas, episode 6×17 – I Like to Watch

Research Paper: CSI Effect

CSI images and material belong to CBS/Alliance Atlantis/and Jerry Bruckheimer Productions.


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